Clear Quartz 18 Chip Necklace



Clear Quartz Chip Necklace with Silver Lobster Clasp
Clear Quartz: Is the most powerful healing crystal it is known as the Crystal of Power. Its energy can be of the gentlest, softest kind or the strongest imaginable. It has the ability to naturally absorb energy. It can store a great amount of energy and information and release that energy or information when needed. Clear Quartz Crystal can also regulate the energy that it contains.
This is one useful crystal it can stand in for other crystals as it contains all the colours of the spectrum and is the best energy amplifier and healing crystal around. It works on all levels. This healing crystal is both Piezoelectric and Pyro electric depending on whether heat or pressure is applied to the crystal.

Clear Quartz healing crystal’s properties may be used for any type of healing and any ailments. Aids the circulatory system, dizziness, fevers, kidney and bladder infections, pain relief, skin disorders, soothes burns, stimulates the immune system, swollen glands and vertigo.